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Relocation management

Life is motion.

Relocation planning and implementation

The rapid and predictable handling of a relocation is vital for any company. The better a move is planned, the simpler all the related processes become.

We at Tecno Office Consult offer you a comprehensive package for the entire handling of your company’s relocation. We also organise the clearance of the old or new building on request.

Moving to a new location without complications

We organise a tight schedule – one that affects your daily work as little as possible. We put necessary services out to tender, coordinate the work of specialist trades and secure deadlines and budgets, allowing you to concentrate fully on what is really important, i.e. arriving at your new location without any complications and successfully!

Successful relocation management in detail

  • Scheduling
  • Call for tenders from forwarding companies
  • Control, coordination and monitoring of the relocation
  • Integrate IT system into relocation management
  • Post-relocation support

Clearance management

In addition to the relocation, clearing the old or new building undoubtedly also poses a logistical challenge. Leftover furniture must be collected, packaged and disposed of appropriately to create space for new furniture.

Coordination and additional benefits

We can help you to master this challenge through strategic and commercial preparation of the clearance. We support you in the logistical and organisational coordination of the clearance and organise the profitable disposal of old furniture.

Our clearance management

Strategic preparation of the clearance

  • Preliminary logistical and organisational planning of the clearance
  • Identification of underlying conditions (access, transport routes, vehicle use, etc.)
  • Identification of scale of clearance (quantity survey)
  • Valuation of furniture stock from the clearance
  • Identification of areas in need of intervention (disassembly and reassembly, etc.)
  • Determination of special transport requirements (e.g. IT and safes)
  • Determination of packaging material requirements (e.g. boxes and bubble wrap)

Commercial preparation of the clearance

  • Preparation of the basis for offers for the clearance works
  • Inspection with suppliers and collection of offers for clearance, disposal, forwarding, assembly joiners
  • Examination of tenders, award proposal
  • Participation in procurement negotiations
  • Preparation of order

Logistical and organisational coordination of the clearance

  • Determination of timing for the trades and coordination of the work on site
  • Execution supervision
  • Monitoring of accounts
  • Participation in acceptance procedure

Disposal of old furniture (optional)

  • Plan a call for tenders for furniture disposal
  • Establish required tools
  • Presentation of timeline according to master plan
  • Rather than costs, the disposal/collection of the furniture (old furniture) should generate revenues (corresponding customers are to be found)