TOC Projektmanagement

“Looking at small advantages prevents great affairs from being accomplished.”

To implement a larger project without complications, the processes must be coordinated and worked through in clearly defined phases. Professional project management therefore includes all management tasks, the organisation, the techniques and the means to ensure smooth implementation.


While your real estate is being planned and built our project control team is committed to ensuring it is in accordance with your vision and needs in every respect.

  • We examine and evaluate your requirements and ensure the construction team (architects, technical planners, project controllers) implements them consistently
  • We keep you informed about timing and project status during the construction phase
  • We intervene – if necessary – to ensure the best possible space efficiency and maximum competitive advantage for you

The result here is real estate that combines the greatest possible benefit with the best quality.


T.O.C. project management using process controlling as an example

  • Structure internal and external project organisation
  • Introduction of project manual
  • Define approach
  • Kick-off meeting with client
  • Continuous implementation controlling

MoMo project platform

Momo Projektplattform

The MoMo project platform from Tecno Office Consult is the ideal tool for your company instead of email and Dropbox, etc.

The MoMo project platform means your company will be perfectly supported in the areas of project management, change management and relocation management on any terminal equipment.

MoMo makes it possible to trace who uploaded, sent or downloaded what plan or information and when. This means everyone involved in the project always works with the latest plans and information. An exact definition of who will receive what access rights and who will receive what information and when is made in the run-up to the start of the project with MoMo.

MoMo enables the uploading, sending or retrieval from the server of any planning documents, project information, records, construction schedules or images transparently and in real time. This means everyone involved in the project always works with the latest plans and information. An exact definition of who will receive what access rights and who will receive what information and when is made in the run-up to the start of the project with MoMo.


  • MoMo project platform – simple and practical operation
  • MoMo is reduced to the max, making it easy for every user to control and for new project members to understand immediately. This means that lengthy user training is therefore a thing of the past with MoMo
  • MoMo is perfect for small and large projects – whether in project management, change management or relocation management

Spatial programmes and functional programmes

TOC Funktionsprogramme

A company needs appropriate spatial conditions that take into account its development. Your office should be designed so that your employees can work efficiently, but also so that they enjoy working there and thus deliver optimum performance.


Using a company-specific functional and spatial programme that has been tailored to your needs, we establish the framework conditions that are appropriate for you. We begin by looking at your current spatial requirements and then compare those with the corporate structures and functions, while taking into consideration the company’s future development. The result is an individual spatial programme that adapts perfectly to your personnel, organisational and economic changes – and not the other way around.


Development, elaboration and presentation of design specifications for a complete building solution

  • Floor subdivision
  • Floor plan requirements
  • Internal flexibility requirements
  • Building installation systems (materials handling, etc.)
  • Spatial expansion requirements (axial dimensions, spatial depths, wall, ceiling and floor systems)
  • Technical expansion requirements (ventilation, lighting, acoustics)
  • Building security requirements

Architectural design competition tenders

TOC Ausschreibungen Architektur

“The best solutions come from bright minds.”

An architectural design competition offers the best prerequisites when it comes to determining the best solutions for your construction project. Such competitions serve as a technical comparison of performance so that clients can select the best implementation plan for their building project from several designs.


We assist you with the definition of the remit and assessment criteria, help you select the architects, check the underlying conditions, advise you in the evaluation and thus guarantee that in the end the best possible solution emerges for you as the client.


Preparation of tender documents

  • Joint definition and adoption of the planning objectives

Selection of participating architects

  • Assessment of reference projects
  • Preparation of a shortlist in cooperation with the client

Delivery of documents

  • Compilation of tender documents
  • Delivery of documents to architects on the shortlist

Assessment of the preliminary designs submitted

  • Examination of the projects submitted
  • Summary of the results of the examination in an evaluation matrix
  • Selection of the winning project in the course of a jury session together with the client