Organisational building design

“First the man constructs the building, then the building shapes the man.”

The world of work is changing constantly and we are changing with it.

We support investors by identifying tenant trends early on and responding to them. We help companies by finding precise, flexible solutions for their employees. We plan a new building’s layout and spaces and align them with the needs of tomorrow’s market. In the process, we improve structure and user orientation. Thanks to a space-efficient floor plan we increase both usable rental space and attractiveness for potential users – and thus the value of your real estate. Our optimisations afford buildings a high degree of reversibility and sustainability.

Many office spaces stand empty today because they were planned without catering to the needs of potential tenants. Our experience and the early recognition of tenant trends allow us to help investors avoid such planning errors by tailoring a new building’s layout and spaces to the needs of tomorrow’s market. At the same time, we improve structure and user-centricity.

Our services in detail


TOC Revitalisierung Gebäude

The question of whether a new development or a revitalisation of existing real estate is better can only be answered individually. The revitalisation of existing stock sometimes appears to be more favourable because you can draw on existing concepts. However, wear and tear and changes in usage structure necessitate a major stocktake. In the process, it sometimes becomes apparent that a new development is more economical than a revitalisation.


  • We analyse the cost and benefits of each scenario for you, check the underlying legal, structural, organisational and economic conditions and set those against the future requirements of the company
  • Our project management also ensures they are implemented precisely on schedule and within budget
  • Thanks to our analysis you are able to optimise medium- and long-term utilisation and thus increase or establish user acceptance
  • We support you in the elimination of structural and functional deficits or in the redevelopment/redesign

This enables you to optimise marketing opportunities and create the best possible basis for future facility management.


  • Location and real estate analysis
  • Feasibility studies
  • Cost-effectiveness calculation
  • Urban concept optimisation
  • Functional concept optimisation
  • Integration of user requirements
  • Conversion and renovation of real estate
  • Aesthetic/economic design
  • Creation of the basis for real estate management
  • Image enhancement
  • User support
  • Marketing optimisation

Building evaluation

TOC Gebäudebewertung

The secret of success is something we cannot unravel in general but the secret of successful building concepts and strategies arises from considering options rather than persevering with the given circumstances. This means that often the given real estate structure is simply continued despite there being interesting and far more appealing alternatives. The result here is that cost items become unmovable, economic options are given away and – in the worst case – the company as a whole is limited in its long-term development.


We make every effort to broaden and sharpen the view of our clients.

  • We show new alternatives to the existing structure (new development, revitalisation, sale or rental)
  • We analyse each individual option in terms of flexibility-in-use, acceptance by employees and cost structure, enabling us to jointly filter out the most viable concept

Our experience shows that often enough the best concepts are actually those that did not appear most promising at first glance, opening up new horizons that no one would have thought possible beforehand.


Space assessment

  • Structural considerations (position of supports, planning grid, truss span, etc.)
  • Evaluation of the project’s space efficiency
  • Determination and evaluation of benchmarks in comparison with QT/TOC’s empirical values
  • Space ratios, i.e. rental space/gross floor space – main usable space/rental space, rental space/workplace, etc.
  • Evaluation of ergonomic guidelines, planning guidelines and regulations

Building services

  • Rough evaluation of the building services with regard to workplace quality, flexibility-in-use and operational efficiency

Operating costs

  • Rough evaluation of the economic framework with operating cost estimates if already available


  • Documentation of the evaluation results in a report
  • Re-use of the results during comparison with other locations
  • Presentation of project results

Energy optimisation

The Tecno energy check

We optimise the energy performance and energy costs of your office building – in the most important phase before the submission to the building authorities. This allows you to better estimate the expected energy costs. The share of renewable energy sources and CO2 emissions are also assessed.
And we give you tips on how to optimise spatial comfort.