TOC Baumanagement

Construction management

We pave the way to your goal.

Tenant-specific improvements, conversions or installations include structural measures implemented due to specific rental requirements and constitute building parts, technical facilities, etc. that are permanently connected to the leased item.


Concrete definition of tenant improvements and coordination of the conversion measures needed to implement the occupancy plan in cooperation with the technical planners, for example, allow us to help you to efficiently adapt the real estate in accordance with the new requirements. We monitor each phase of construction and help you with the construction and equipment description.


Construction supervision and acceptance

  • Continuous monitoring (no local building control in the context of the architect fee scale) of the finishing works
  • Preparation of acceptance reports

Assistance with the definition of tender content and texts

  • Compilation of market overviews
  • Organisation of samples

Execution of calls for tender and award recommendations

  • Provision of evaluation sheets
  • Assistance with choosing furniture models and products

Detailed planning and identification of optimisation potential at different locations

  • Decision-making based on the functional and spatial programme
  • Preparation of illustrative CAD drawings showing space and occupancy scenarios
  • Preparation of a construction and equipment description having regard to user requirements to guide the planning team

Construction controlling master plan

  • Creation of a schedule for all trades
  • Coordination of equipment with the construction and equipment description
  • Creation of activity plans for tradespeople
  • Defect report
  • Monitoring of corrective action

Local building control

TOC Bauaufsicht

The matrix is the roadmap to your success.

The multitude of different requirements and activities in a complex project necessitates planning and monitoring both in advance and during implementation, i.e. monitoring and central control is necessary on the construction site. The local building control monitors and directs the construction work on site.


Tecno Office Consult represents your interests in construction projects of every size. We ensure the building is constructed in accordance with the plans, in the contractually agreed quality and in compliance with applicable regulations. The building control directs cooperation between the companies involved and ensures the schedule and costs are adhered to.


  • Representation of the client’s interests
  • Enforcement of domiciliary rights on the construction site
  • Coordination of companies
  • Monitoring of quality
  • Monitoring of accounts
  • Acceptance of services
  • Identification, tracking and rectification of defects
  • Handover to the client