Hermann Simon

Looking for a new office location?

Planning to restructure your office world?
Want to relocate your company?

Tecno Office Consult can help you achieve this. Our professional team of architects, civil engineers, managers and economists with many years of experience in a wide variety of fields offers all the prerequisites for the success of your projects.

A major accomplishment always starts with a vision.

We search for new dimensions and bring your office world to life.

For your new world of work

We support you from initial planning through to relocating to your new office world.

Both the greatest adventures and the greatest resistances are created in your mind. Planned changes will only become successful visions if acceptance is – for the most part – assured. Our consultants work in your company as temporary employees and guarantee the implementation of your vision.

And this is how a typical project for a new world of work unfolds:

  • Phase1

    We work with you to develop

    • A spatial and functional programme tailored to your needs
    • Your company’s new world of work
    • And we define the quality of the building materials and interior decoration and furnishings
  • Phase2

    Location selection

    • Location search
    • Location comparison
  • Phase3

    Detailed planning

    • Conceptual planning
    • Occupancy planning in 2D and 3D
    • Media technology
  • Phase4

    Construction management

    • Calls for tender from trades
    • Coordination of the various trades
    • Building control
  • Phase5


    • Relocation of employees, furniture and IT equipment to the new office location

Need assistance with your office project?

Tell us what you have in mind for your new office building and we will cooperate with you on the design of a new world of work for your employees.