Architecture planning

Design optimisation for your real estate project

The precise and rapid analysis of conditions on the ground is one of the most important tasks in any real estate project. Even if a concrete architectural design is already on hand, a second independent look at the plans is worthwhile so as to examine and evaluate the designs with regard to functionality, flexibility-in-use and cost-effectiveness.


  • Our experience shows that – due to the identification of the full potential and optimisation of the designs – the added value of real estate achieves corresponding sustainability
  • Intelligent and innovative utilisation concepts allow us to guarantee that the building enjoys market superiority and is fit for the future
  • In addition to investors, added value is also created for users when the utilisation of a building is at an optimum
  • Your real estate then clearly stands out from the competition based on its functional performance, too

A review of the function and utilisation objectives enables us to provide you with maximum flexibility in terms of future facility management requirements. The aims of our analysis are to uncover tangible ways to save space and the identification of potential synergies. We show you how to protect your business from expensive surprises. We draw up specific proposals for the optimisation of structure and layout, as well as equipment and function of the future building – across the board and in detail.



  • Review and evaluation of the building’s external development concept
  • Review and evaluation of the internal development concept for units earmarked for letting
  • Review and evaluation of building logistics and operation
  • Review and evaluation of the conceptual design of office space

Typical process steps

  • Development of illustrative occupancy simulations (including layout and furnishing plans)
  • Documentation of the results
  • Visualisation of optimisation proposals

Optional services

  • Planning-driven requirements controlling
  • Construction-driven requirements controlling during construction phase
  • Marketing support

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