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Optimised workplace design

Putting the focus on people

Occupancy studies

Occupancy planning

Exploit potential more effectively with the right workplace concept.

Office, workplace and space utilisation requirements have changed considerably over the years. What was regarded as the ultimate in office planning ten years ago is now possibly only the second-best option. Workplace design in the office is often left to chance in many cases – this has negative consequences for the work processes, but especially for the most important factor in every office, people.


To make better use of idle potential we develop the right workplace concepts for your company. This allows you and your team to meet the demands of today and tomorrow more effectively.

The possibilities open to you range from one option to an office mix comprising:

  • Cellular office (1-2 WP)
  • Combined office (1-2 WP)
  • Team office (3-6 WP)
  • Group office (6-15 WP)
  • Open space (> 15 WP)

WP: Workplace

While your company can continue to concentrate fully on its primary tasks, we analyse the current position and potential for improvement, create optimised occupancy layout plans and then translate them into specific interior design, furniture and infrastructure requirements.


Our occupancy planning couples your new location with more efficiency, flexibility and higher employee motivation from the very outset. Our schedule takes into account every parameter and in so doing ensures your company’s relocation runs smoothly. At the same time, a possible relocation becomes an event executed with military precision and guarantees the security of your new location.

  • Determination of the optimum processes and paths for all possible work procedures
  • Allocation to respective areas by reviewing technical conditions and circumstances
  • Provisional zoning concept
  • Presentation of zones by colour and listing in a clearly arranged legend
  • Plotting of possible special areas, such as archive spaces, server space, meeting point, etc.
  • Optimisation of developed occupancy plans
  • Preparation of detailed spatial and personal furnishing plans
  • Preparation of layout plans
  • Preparation of quantity structures and BOMs (for purchase orders)