TOC Organisationsberatung

Organisation consulting

“First the man constructs the building, then the building shapes the man.”

No one can change an entire company without support. Acceptance of the key processes by staff members is one of the basic prerequisites for successful restructuring. Our task is to support you in the planning, coordination and implementation of such change processes.

Tecno Office Consult lastingly optimises the success of your company by reviewing business practices, processes and savings potential. Lean corporate processes encourage every single employee to do their best. More space for creativity also creates more company loyalty.

By introducing an integrated EADS document management system, we guarantee the steady flow of information. As a result, we reduce the space required for archives and filing systems noticeably, shorten process lead times and thus ensure information gets to where it is needed immediately.

Process optimisation

TOC Prozessoptimierung

Just like the Oscars in Hollywood, only the best use of resources can lead to winning and success. Lean corporate processes are more effective, promoting both company loyalty and the motivation of your employees.


We analyse your teams with regard to their core skills, the strategic approaches and the future process steps of the individual groups. Our comparison with your current organisational structures allows us to create a platform for your new organisational strategy, so as to compete on the market more effectively.


  • Space and process optimisation
  • Organisational processes
  • Optimisation of horizontal/vertical physical pathways


Our success formula for good projects is that a review of business practices, business processes and savings potential = your increase in added value. Using this simple formula and our P.O. system, we optimise the success of your company lastingly and effectively.

Document management

TOC Dokumentenmanagement

“Life is a long quiet river.”

This quote applies not only to the quiet flow of life, but unfortunately also to the flow of data in many companies. Documents get stuck on islands of decentralised software, information disappears in the whirlpool of data, mountains of paper hold up necessary decisions and unnecessary bends and tributaries congest knowledge.


However, such data blockages are easy to straighten out – by introducing an integrated document management system we guarantee the steady flow of information. Our team reduces the space needed for archives and filing systems by up to 90 per cent, shortens process lead times noticeably and thus ensures information gets to where it is needed immediately.


This becomes especially clear by using file management as an example. Many errors arise from different versions and/or status levels of multiple files for documents that are processed or used jointly. The result is often a decrease in the timeliness of the documents filed and requests, as well as delays in the workflow of downstream departments.


An analysis of the filing systems currently in use enables us to provide you with valuable information on the time lost in your company/operation. The aim of our analysis is to make specific proposals for the improvement of all systems, e.g. filing according to a phased plan (workplace, team filing system, archives) or the creation of an IT system for managing/researching shared paper filing systems:

  • Personal filing system
  • Team filing system
  • Floor filing system
  • Central filing system
  • Archive