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Planning without boundaries

An article about the Australian Embassy in The Icon Vienna that…
29. March 2022/by diewald

After the pandemic is before the pandemic

Real Circle #23

15. November 2021/by diewald

Full-service solution for real estate projects

Thoughts composed to a menu.

15. November 2021/by diewald

Digital building submission

The digital construction process is supposed to represent a major…
15. November 2021/by diewald

Eating at home? Company restaurants after Covid-19

Discussions at the 5 o´clock-Tea – What will office canteens…
29. October 2021/by diewald

A market with new inner values

Structures in offices are shifting, giving rise to completely…
2. October 2021/by diewald

Wood vs. concrete: Unequal opponents?

Diskussion beim 5 o`clock Tea: Nachhaltigkeit im Bau

25. June 2021/by diewald

Future of retail after COVID19

Discussions at the 5 o´clock-Tea – Is the retail industry…
10. May 2021/by miriam

Efficient Office

Why good planning enriches the working world.

4. May 2021/by miriam

Do we still need offices?

Consequences and impact of COVID on the office.

2. October 2020/by miriam

Five theses for the time “afterwards”.

What will the working world look like after COVID-19?

28. September 2020/by miriam

Rigid room solutions as a discontinued model

The many developments of the office space and its justificat…
15. September 2020/by miriam

Home Office reloaded

Are there changes coming to housing as a result of the home …
7. July 2020/by miriam

Everything new in the office – for real this time.

Consequences of Covid-19 on the Office.

An interview with…
10. June 2020/by miriam

Headquarters remain important

How the view toward home offices changed in the time of COVI…
15. May 2020/by miriam

Unequal brothers, equal projects?

Disucssions at the 5 o´clock-Tea - Speculative investors versus…
8. April 2020/by miriam

The headquarters decide

Is the international standardization of offices pushing away…
16. March 2020/by miriam

Generation Why

Is the office the image of its current generation?

8. January 2020/by miriam

Archive 2019

Nachlese Presseartikel 2019
31. December 2019/by miriam

The office from the other side of the world

Diskussion beim 5 o´clock Tea - Are global office concepts wasting…
16. November 2019/by miriam

City, not wasteland

Discussions at the 5 o´clock Tea - How can Vienna grow properly?

15. June 2019/by miriam

When fiction becomes reality.

Discussions at the 5 o´clock Tea - How smart should the office…
27. April 2019/by miriam

Co-working Spaces – Ein Markt der Zukunft?

Diskussion beim 5 o'clock Tea - Co-working Spaces dringend g…
13. February 2019/by miriam

Archive 2018

Nachlese Presseartikel 2018
31. December 2018/by miriam

The Hen and Egg Principle

" Das Henne-Ei Prinzip" (PDF)

Immobilien Magazin, Presse,…
3. October 2018/by diewald

Archive 2017

Nachlese Presseartikel 2017
31. December 2017/by miriam
2017 10 Immobilien Magazin

When buildings shape us

Immobilien Magazin, 10 2017
Corporate Identity, Unternehmenskultur, effizientes Arbeiten
14. October 2017/by tashi
Das Gehackte Buero

The hacked office

When stuffy spaces turn into green-areas.

Die Presse - Arbeitswelten…
1. October 2017/by diewald
Brexit Als Chance

Brexit as an opportunity for office relocation.

The United Kingdom's exit from the EU, i.e. Brexit, has activated…
1. October 2017/by diewald
201712 Business People

Using Brexit as an opportunity for business relocation

The United Kingdom's exit from the EU, i.e. Brexit, has activated…
1. October 2017/by diewald
Inwieweit Beeinflusst Architektur Die Unternehmenskultur

To what extent does architecture influence corporate culture?

Discussions at the 5 o´clock Tea - Can architecture influence…
22. September 2017/by diewald
Architektur Aktuell 08 2017

New office space

New office space for Coca-Cola HBC in Vienna.

1. August 2017/by diewald
Media Planet 06 2017

Office structures are changing

Interview with Ewald Stückler - Office space of the future

1. June 2017/by diewald
Inwieweit Beeinflusst Architektur Die Unternehmenskultur

Inwieweit beeinflusst Architektur die Unternehmenskultur?

5 o'clock tea : Immobilien Magazin online, 10 2017
Aufzeichnung der Live-Übertragung
25. May 2017/by tashi

Metamorphosis for real estate

Metamorphose für Immobilien
Immobilien Magazin, 05 2017
23. May 2017/by diewald
2017 12 Falstaff

Refreshing working worlds

The new work culture has been reflected in the international…
1. May 2017/by diewald
Andromeda Tower

The areas will find their market

Die Immobilienbranche sieht sich für einen möglichen Exodus…
7. April 2017/by diewald
Die Neuesten Büros Im Vergleich   Gewinn Immobilien 04 2017

The newest offices in comparison

Who has the best public transport connections, the lowest operating…
1. April 2017/by diewald
201712 Cube Magazin

New Coca Cola HBC World

Feel-good work at the new location with innovative office concept.

1. April 2017/by diewald
2017 01 Immobilienmagazin 1

More than a work place

Hardly any asset class has undergone such rapid change in recent…
1. February 2017/by diewald
20101 Immobilienonline Magazin


„Round Table Büromarkt Wien, QUO VADIS?“ (Video)

11. January 2017/by tashi

Archive 2016

Nachlese Presseartikel 2016
31. December 2016/by tashi

Archive 2015

Nachlese Presseartikel 2015
31. December 2015/by tashi

T.O.C. Award

T.O.C. is allowed to use the federal coat of arms in business…
12. July 2015/by tashi

Archive 2014

Nachlese Presseartikel 2014
31. December 2014/by tashi
Tecno 10 Jahre 158


13. May 2014/by tashi

Archive 2013

Nachlese Presseartikel 2013
31. December 2013/by tashi

Archive 2012

Nachlese Presseartikel 2012
31. December 2012/by tashi