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Ewald Stückler

Ewald Stückler

In the beginning was the place.

Location search

Every company is only as good as its location.

Easily accessible and connected to the main traffic arteries, uses synergies and conveys prestige – we at Tecno Office Consult identify your needs and tailor your location accordingly.

We work out your space requirements using the FFF space/function programme and define all the necessary parameters for your location search in consultation with you. Using knockout criteria, we create your individual shortlist with a view to finding the perfect location for your new office.

As an advocate of the client, this involves us examining rental and ancillary costs, building standards and equipment through to the budget calculation for relocation.

Location consulting

Büro Standortberatung

Location decisions are still rarely taken after weighing up all the relevant aspects. However, the success of a company also depends on choosing the right location at the right time. A professional analysis and evaluation of the strategic potential of possible locations will help you to make this decision.


Decisions on a planned change are the cornerstone of your company’s future direction. Accordingly, before you move into a new building, we analyse:

  • Infrastructure of the building and surrounding area
  • Accessibility for employees, customers and partners
  • Corporate environment created by other companies
  • CI realisation in and around the building

Each relevant parameter of your new location will be worked out by our team to guarantee your company arrives at the perfect situation.


Location consulting using site analysis as an example

  • Market and location consideration
  • Determination of location factors according to demographics and economics
  • Evaluation of actual urban/regional development and the competitive situation
  • Analysis of all relevant data
  • Development of usage concepts
  • Selection of a usage variant in cooperation with the client