Building Optimisation Uniqa Plaza

T.O.C. Services


  • Check:
    • Inventory plans
    • Building logistics and operations
    • Concept of the rental space units
    • Workplaceand spacequality
    • Area efficiency


  • High quality of use, functionality, economic efficiency
  • Future-proofand market-superior building

More information about this project in our TOC factsheet:


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The Hen and Egg Principle

" Das Henne-Ei Prinzip" (PDF)

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Corporate Identity, Unternehmenskultur, effizientes Arbeiten
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To what extent does architecture influence corporate culture?

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Inwieweit Beeinflusst Architektur Die Unternehmenskultur

Inwieweit beeinflusst Architektur die Unternehmenskultur?

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Metamorphosis for real estate

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„Round Table Büromarkt Wien, QUO VADIS?“ (Video)

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